Foyle Cattleman's

Why Foyle Cattlemans?

Farmed on one of the most breath–taking natural coastlines in the World

Wet aged for 21 days

Selected only from continental steers and heifers

Awarded the Pure Life Welfare Assured seal of approval

Packaged in branded Foyle Cattleman’s bags and boxes

The Irish North Antrim Coast is a real force of nature. The Atlantic crashes against the tall sea cliffs. A rugged rocky coastline created from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago whispers many a tall tale of warring giants and lost Spanish gold. The exhilarating landscape near the Giant’s Causeway (affectionately known as the unofficial eighth wonder of the world) is also the producer heartland for our Cattleman’s beef.

Nestled along the sweeping glens is where you’ll find the specialist, traditional farms that exclusively supply the Foyle Food Group with the finest beef cattle Ireland has to offer. These beef farmers have shared their knowledge, practices and husbandry skills over hundreds of years. Our farmers are just as passionate today about rearing their magnificent animals to produce a superior eating beef. And this beef is known simply as Foyle Cattleman’s.



branded box

Pure Life